Darren Noble

Daz has been working for BMBC/TCL/Code Green for around 13 years.
He has worked in schools as an engineer for around 13 years.
Daz enjoys spinning the decks and F1.

What area(s) do you specialise in?
Coding/scripting. There’s always a task that can be made easier with a bit of code.
Or something fun to make.

What do you enjoy most about working with  schools?
All the staff are friendly, the kids can be quite funny and that we get to support every aspect of IT.
There’s rarely a dull day.

Who do people say you look like?
A lot of my friends say I look a little like Terry Crews.

If you could go back in time, what would you do?
One of the things I’d like to do would be to go back to 1966 when England won the World Cup. I bet the excitement and buzz around the country was amazing and was something special to be a part of.

If you won £10 million what would you do?
The usual, bigger house, better car, racing simulator so I can pretend to be an F1 driver. All of which would never get used because I’d spend all my time in Singapore.

Daz is a full time engineer for the following establishments:

Carlton Primary
Parkside Primary
Summerfields Primary
Joseph Locke
Carrfield Primary
Highgate Primary