Gareth Wood

Gaz has been working for BMBC/TCL/Code Green for around 20 years.
He has worked in schools as an engineer for around 20 years.
Gaz enjoys drinking and wearing shorts.

What area(s) do you specialise in?
Customer focus, understand the customer and own the problem/issue. Think what I'd expect as a service and strive to provide it in the friendliest way possible.

What do you enjoy most about working with  schools?
Working with others to achieve their goals, being the friendly face of IT in a technical world. I enjoy the challenge and outcomes of work I'm asked to partake / deliver. Seeing the successful outcome is satisfying.

Who do people say you look like?
Folk used to say I looked like Wayne Static (from Static x) Google it.
Before my preparations for winter hibernation and weight gain.

If you could go back in time, what would you do?
Play the guitar that I was bought when I was 16 instead of leaving it till I was 45.

If you won £10 million what would you do?
Easy. Donate some to the schools I support to provide them with world class IT equipment. Also set up a Pinball arcade. Then Beer and kebabs. Or maybe beer n kebabs first..

Gaz is a full time engineer for the following establishments: 

Thurgoland Primary
The Ellis CofE
Shawlands Primary
Thurlstone Primary
Millhouse Primary
Springvale Primary
Cawthorne Primary
Silkstone Primary
Hoylandswaine Primary
Silkstone Common
Penistone St Johns