Invisible Bubble

What is it….
The Invisible Bubble is a unique and easy installed device for the deactivation of airborne pathogens within focused spaces - It Cleans Your Air Like Never Before.

Simply put….
While the Invisible Bubble has a lot of technical detail to explain the process and science behind the patented solution, I wanted to make a few points initially to keep it simple:

The Invisible Bubble cleans & sanitizes the air from above a space such as a locker, dining table, car or reception desk and kills  99.99% of all Bacteria & Viruses.

  • Having the addition of a HEPA filter & Activated Carbon filter, the Invisible Bubble removes allergens, pollens and unpleasant odours.
  • The Invisible Bubble is TWICE as powerful as the recommended dosage by WHO (World Health Organization) for removing the COVID-19
  • The Invisible Bubble is available in various forms such as a pendant that hangs from a roof, a ceiling mount induction kit to hide the unit completely or a bespoke branded/illuminated unit.

Now for the science….
The Problem – Aerosols & Covid-19​
Humans emit aerosols and they linger in the air for hours – the effects are magnified if they are in enclosed spaces. Although, we can ventilate areas and wear masks this does not stop the air infecting others.

The Solution….

Sanitised air is released and recirculated in the room

Air with potentially harmful bacteria & viruses are sucked up into the Invisible Bubble and treated by UVC light.

The Invisible Bubble is a unique and easy installed device for overhead deactivation of airborne pathogens within localised spaces.  Utilising the latest in UVC technology and patented methods we can effectively deal with the growing threat of airborne pathogens within indoor environments.

  • The UVC Radiation has a strong germicidal effect and is provided by the short-wave band of the ultraviolet spectra between 240 and 270nm.
  • Microorganisms absorb this UVC when exposed within our device which modifies their DNA and thus stopping no further reproduction.
  • These pathogens that are floating freely in room air and especially from aerosols that are created from human breath are drawn into our device where they are exposed to controlled UVC dosages known to kill 99.99% of bacteria and viruses.
  • The air also passes through a HEPA filter and Active Carbon filter for additional filtration.
  • Our unique algorithms enable a microprocessor control to allow the correct dosage of UVC to be applied as well as monitoring all critical functions to ensure its safe use.

Invisible Bubble Technical Specification

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